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Written by David Shapton

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Even though we've only been online for four months, we've got hundreds of articles on the site, and it's getting harder to find what you're looking for. Search is a good tool, but like all such systems, it doesn't always work as you'd expect. Which means that there's a lot of good material on the RedShark site that you might miss because you don't know it's there

So, as a quick and practical measure, we've created a "Most Popular" menu tab at the right of the main menu bar (the one that goes: Home | Production | Post | Distribution | Business | Technology, and now: | Most Popular |).

You can spend hours on this page: there's so much to read. And there's a very good chance you've missed something really good - so do set aside some time and look around.

Popular at the top

To start with, we've arranged the articles with the most popular at the top. It can't stay like this because, after a year, let's say, there will be so many articles that they'll be about half a mile down the page, and you'd spend all your available reading time scrolling to get to them.

So we'll leave it the way it is while it's still manageable, and then we'll sub-divide them into months, so you'll see (for example) Most popular in December, November, October, and so on.


We want to keep RedShark's navigation as simple as possible, but we also want to increase the visibility of articles that have "dropped off" the home page. We are looking at other ways to categorise the content as well to make it easier to find.

Please let us know if you have any ideas about how we can improve navigation in RedShark, and especially how we can categorise the articles to make them easier to find. We may even consider changing the main navigation menu categories, and it would be good to hear what you think about this as well. You can contact me, the Editor,  directly by writing to


Finally, just because an article isn't in "Most Popular" doesn't mean it's not good. Some of our best articles have lower readership figures simply because they're very specialised, or because they're not for a mass-audience. We're looking at other ways to bring these pieces to the forefront.

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