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Good 'Karma'? GoPro teases with its new drone

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GoPro reveals flying footage (and not much else) from its upcoming Karma drone.

It has been a while coming and the subject of many a rumour, but GoPro has now confirmed what we all thought we knew already. GoPro will indeed be releasing a drone system and its name is the Karma.

Nobody has yet seen the device, but no doubt it will be compatible with the current GoPro range of cameras. While this is a given, I have a feeling that there may be more to this product than just another quadcopter (if indeed it is a quadcopter).

We could speculate all day as to the features it may incorporate. There are any number of possibilities, from tracking abilities to collision avoidance. No price has been announced, nor any specifications. What GoPro has given us, however, is a tantalising new teaser video containing what we can assume to be footage taken with the new aircraft.

After the relationship between DJI and GoPro soured a couple of years back, we can assume that GoPro will be trying to out DJI DJI. The Karma will most likely be an aircraft to directly compete with the Phantom series, rather than the Inspire or other larger aircraft.

Enjoy and speculate as to what might be!

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