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Highlighting how Adobe's new AI tools can transform video production

Jason and Kylee talking about the AI features in Premiere Pro
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Jason and Kylee talking about the AI features in Premiere Pro

Filmed on the NAB 2024 show floor, Jason Druss, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, talks about the evolving landscape of video production and the role of AI within it with Kylee Pena, Senior Product Marketing Manager at the company. 

The star of the conversation is Adobe's latest innovation, the Firefly video model, which powers some revolutionary tools in Premiere Pro - Generative Extend and Object Addition and Removal.  Generative Extend is a bit of a game-changer for editors seeking to seamlessly augment their footage. Whether it's refining a scene or making smooth transitions, this tool offers a versatile solution for enhancing video content with ease. Object Addition and Removal meanwhile is an illustration of AI's transformative potential, empowering users to change elements within their footage, be it removing objects or altering backgrounds and clothing. The possibilities are limitless.

However, Adobe also commits to responsible innovation. To ensure transparency and accountability, Adobe introduces credentials or "nutrition labels" accompanying its AI-powered products. These labels offer insights into the AI models used, providing users with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their content creation process.

Driven by user feedback and a dedication to empowering the creative community, the two reiterate how Adobe listens to its feedback. And looking ahead, the integration of third-party AI models into Adobe Premiere Pro promises an exciting evolution in video production. Stay tuned as Adobe has some exciting new enhancements waiting in the wings as Jason mentions in the end.


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