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Hollyland launches new Pyro transmitter series

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Hollyland's latest addition to its catalog of wireless video transmission systems is the new Pyro series, with the Pyro H the first model to be launched.

The new Pyro H from Hollyland Technologies consists of a single transmitter and up to four receivers with a stable signal transmission range of up to 1,300ft (400m) and a minimal latency of up to 60ms. This has all been designed so that any crew member pr department can receive and monitor real-time footage in different locations, which is something that could be useful on any number of productions.

It comes with two different modes: Smooth Mode and HD Mode. With Smooth Mode, you can maintain stability even in longer distances, while with HD Mode, you prioritize high-definition image quality. When it powers up, the device automatically selects a premium frequency channel, while users can engage the smart channel scan feature for live updates on frequency status.

The Pyro H features wireless transmission capabilities for high-resolution video in multiple formats, supporting 4K at 25, 24, and 30 frames per second, and Full HD 1080p at 50, 59.94, and 60 frames per second. Pyro H comes with presets for easy setup as well as a UVC streaming function, allowing users to quickly connect it directly with computers and other devices for plug-and-play operation.

The transmitter comes with an HDMI input and an output port to send multiple signals to different receivers simultaneously while monitoring in real time. Power is via USB-C, standard DC power, or an NP-F battery to power Pyro H. 

The Pyro H is priced at $479.

Tags: Production