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8K monitors and much much more with ASUS ProArt

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We have a new presenter for you this time as our own Matt Gregory takes us on a tour of the ASUS ProArt booth at NAB 2024.

There was a lot to see on the ASUS ProArt booth too, ranging from a new ProArt workstation chassis to some seriously impressive monitor technology.

The latter includes the new PA32KCX, the world’s first 8K Mini LED professional monitor.

“This is a Mini LED display with a 1200 near peak brightness, that’s really really bright. It's also 1000 nits sustained,” Matt explains. “So with something like this that is this bright and this accurate because of the amount of pixels on there, ASUS has a feature with these monitors which is a flicker free low blue light technology. Basically it reduces eyestrain when you're working on a piece of equipment like this that is this bright and is this sharp. 

“Another really cool feature of this monitor that, again you see a lot with ASUS monitors right now, is this thing here,” he says pointing to the lower right of the monitor. “That's a built in colorimeter which means you can calibrate your screen yourself. If you want to use a third party tool to calibrate your screen, great, you can still do that. But having this built-in is really really convenient and it's incredibly easy to use. I know because I've done it myself.”

There’s one more monitor after that, the giant 135in ProArt Cinema PQO7 designed for post and virtual production. It has a 0.7mm pixel pitch, which trumps most of the other LED screens being used for virtual production at the moment, and explains the amount of interest ASUS reports seeing in it.

Have a look below: 


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