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Aputure completes ecosystem with INFINIMAT

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Ted Sim, President and co-founder of Aputure, takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the company’s NAB booth to showcase the latest products.

Easy one of the coolest things we saw at NAB 2024 was the new INFINIMAT lighting system from Aputure. 

“Traditionally if you want a soft style light that’s thin, you're looking for mat-style lighting,” explains Ted Sim, the President and co-founder of Aputure. “Traditional mat lights usually require building a frame, which takes a lot of time. The second thing is that when you build a frame they usually tend to sag in the middle.”

INFINIMAT uses airbags to get over these twin problems, making them quick and stable to deploy. Sim points over his head to a massive 20x20 all ready to go. Definitely no sag either.

“They complete the Aputure ecosystem,” he says. “Point source, bulb, mini panel, large panel, tube, line, mat…now every single form factor exists in the Aputure ecosystem which means that no matter what you’re looking for you can do an Aputure ecosystem production.”

For more on that, and also the Sidus Link Pro which lets you link all those many ecosystem lights (and more) together wirelessly, see the video below.



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