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How to *really* rig a Sony BURANO - with Wooden Camera

A short but sweet video we shot back during NAB that showcases a fully rigged Sony BURANO courtesy of Wooden Camera's Elite Accessory System.

Wooden Camera's Elite Accessory System for the Sony BURANO takes what is already an extremely good camera and adds a modular series of ergonomic accessories to make it fit easily into a whole range of production workflows. It includes a new bracket for mounting the Sony EVF Touchscreen in a variety of locations, a modular cage system, an upgraded power distribution system for expanded connectivity, and more.

The full system costs $2349 and is also available modularly. Wooden Camera's Brian Aichlmayr gives us an agreeably whistle-stop tour around it so you can see what you might be getting for your money.


Tags: Production NAB 2024 Wooden Camera