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Examining the total redesign of Frame.io V4

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One of the more impressive pieces of news from out of NAB 2024 and its build up was the complete redesign and rebuild of Frame.io. Jason Druss and Kylee Peña explain on the show floor.

So, we have a whole new Frame.io. Where once we had a very robust and very popular review and approval tool, we now have a complete creative management platform.

“I’ve been using Frame.io almost every day since 2017, and Frame.io v4 has been essentially rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up,” explains Jason. “There is not one line of code or one pixel from V3 that made it into V4.”

As redesigns go, it’s an impressive achievement, and one that took close to four years to complete. What’s even more impressive is that Adobe hasn’t thrown out the baby with the bathwater: Frame.io v4 is still great at what it always did, it just now does so much more equally well too.

“There's never really been a cloud application or workflow that's allowed the props master to work in the same app as a cinematographer, as a director, as an executive producer. So we're really bringing everyone together with V4,” he says.

Check it out below.


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