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New audio workflow tools for Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro adds new features to its audio workflows
1 minute read
Premiere Pro adds new features to its audio workflows

Kylee Peña, Senior Product Marketing Manager shares the latest features for Adobe Premiere Pro, revealing a new set of cutting-edge features designed to streamline audio editing workflows and enhance creative capabilities.

Adobe's brand-new audio workflow is set to reduce mouse mileage and streamline the path to the final mix using AI tools. Kylee introduces a range of AI-powered tools, including a new fading tool that simplifies the nature of audio fade, and audio category tagging, which enables users to easily identify and categorize dialogue, music, or ambiance within their projects using the Essential Sound panel. Amongst these is Enhance Speech, which clears your audio with a single click.

In addition to audio enhancements, Premiere Pro introduces new text-based editing features based on user feedback. These include removing interviewers from timelines, adding markers, and leaving notes for editors, streamlining the editing process, particularly when working on interviews.

Furthermore, Adobe Premiere Pro introduces AI with scene edit detection, facilitating re-addition of cuts to the final edit, auto color and color match capabilities, simplifying the color grading process. The integration of speech-to-text functionality enables users to easily add captions in multiple languages.

A standout feature for Kylee is Remix, an AI-powered tool that streamlines song editing by linking and shortening audio with a simple drag-and-drop action. Lastly, Senior Product Manager, Jason Druss, chimes in and mentions Apple Log Support which enables seamless integration with iPhone footage recorded in ProRes format and facilitates effortless color grading adjustments in both SDR and HDR environments.


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