30 Sep 2013

Analogue Film: the Sequel

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Analogue Film: the Sequel Analogue Film: the Sequel RedShark/ Shuttershock


Will it Work?

Whether this can work or not is a matter of conjecture at this point. There is only one other company doing this sort of work and it is a vastly different organisation to the new Film Ferrania. It is obviously possible to manufacture film stock. The issue is whether it's possible to market it and to sell it. Ferrania are, I suspect, some way from being ready to announce prices, but ultimately nobody avoids film for any reason other than that it is expensive. This doesn't matter if you're a director of photography working on high-end features and commercials. It does matter if you're an independent filmmaker, and the proportion of these two camps among the most vocal supporters of photochemical origination will determine the potential for success, especially if producers in the largest markets – the US, India, China – prefer to stick with the known quantity of Kodak. In short, I'm not sure if there's as much of a customer base as the noise level might suggest, although with Kodak now the sole supplier of motion picture film, it's not impossible to imagine that the presence of any competition whatsoever might have a noticeable effect on the market.

The desire for this to work out well is very strong from some quarters, and it seems churlish not to join them in the hope that it does. As soon as Ferrania can supply some film, which is apparently supposed to happen early next year, I'll go and shoot it, and report back here on the subject of what it looks like.

Phil Rhodes

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