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Will Ultra-Widescreen emerge as a new standard at this year's CES show?

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LG21:9 displays at CES

At the risk of giving the game away - probably not. But we still think that Ultra Widescreen  - 21:9 - at 4K-type resolutions is a better bet than 8K, for all sorts of reasons

You can read immediately after this article, our piece from a year ago, which you could almost say was a campaigning piece to veer our industry away from 8K delivery and towards 21:9 widescreen, which we think is a much better way to deliver cinematic video. If you've never seen video presented like this, just go to the cinema.

We wrote that a year ago. And while the article was well recieved, we suspect 21:9 screens will remain a niche product. Interestingly, they really seem to be taking off as desktop monitors, especially ones designed specifically for editors and gamers.

We'll know in about ten days whether there's going to be a genuine movement towards 21:9 or whether it will always be destined for only a minority of users. Meanwhile, to get up to speed on the topic, here's our original article.


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