What did I just see? How shrinking cameras lead to clever rigs

Written by David Shapton

Dan ChungSony RX100 MK IV and Atomos Shogun Flame

The marriage of a powerful-yet-diminutive camera and a field display/recorder may look 'wrong', but we would wager that this rig is a very capable performer.

I was at a press event in Barcelona last week and couldn't help noticing this extraordinary set-up, put together by Dan Chung, from one of our favourite sites, www.newsshooter.com.

What's amazing about this creation is that you can almost miss the camera. It's that small bit on the top. But what a camera! It's the Sony RX100 MK IV and it's fully capable of 4K shooting. It's a tiny powerhouse of a camera with a 1" sensor. Physically, it's so small that there's no reason ever to be without one.


You can just about see (sorry about the snatched photo) that the camera is connected to a Atomos Shogun Flame. Coupled with a Sony wireless radio system, this adds up to an awful lot of 4K capability in a remarkably small space.

What this shows to me is that you shouldn't be misled just because a camera is very small and, with a bit of ingenuity and some kit from various manufacturers, you can put together a portable rig for very little money and with amazing versatility.

Thanks, Dan, for an inspirational moment!

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