Don't do this with your GoPro

Written by David Shapton

Ryan FoxDon't do this with your GoPro

Most of us just want to take care of our cameras. And one way definitely not to do that is to duct-tape your shooting-device to the wheel of your car...

It's not at all clear what thought processes led to the idea of duct-taping a GoPro Hero 3 to the tire of his car, but, for whatever reasons he had, that's just what Ryan Fox did.

And, rather surprisingly, it seems to have survived the ordeal.

You can't imagine doing this back in the days when cameras had tape in them. And you wouldn't expect it to work even now - after all, "maximum spin speed" is not a value you see in most spec sheets.

And the point of all this? Absolutely no idea, but (with a warning to photosensitive epilepsy sufferers and anyone genuinely concerned for the welfare of this camera) it does make some very pretty patterns.

Thanks to for bringing this to our attention.



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