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Price announced for Panasonic GH4 + base unit

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Panasonic/RedSharkGH4 price revealed

It's even cheaper than we thought - but the professional base unit will more than double the price!


We were one of the first to get our hands on a GH4 in London recently, but what we couldn't get our hands on was the price and a shipping date.

Well, the price is now official, and it's slightly lower than expected at $1,700 for the camera. The substantial, and substantially equipped base unit costs more than the camera itself at $2,000, but even with both units, $3,700 is not by any means too much to pay for a camera with these capabilities.


As far as we know, the shipping date hasn't been confirmed but there is a loose consensus around the web that it will be in April, which, of course, is the month of NAB.

Here's our Hands-On (but without it turned on) article.

The pictures that we saw from the camera on a 4K screen were quite amazing. We can't wait to see how people respond to the GH4 when it's out in the wild.


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