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Blackmagic Design introduces ATEM Mini Extreme and Web Presenter HD

The new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme. Image: Blackmagic Design.
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The new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme. Image: Blackmagic Design.

Blackmagic Design had a very busy day announcing new products yesterday, including the new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro. It also introduced new live streaming hardware options, the ATEM Mini Extreme (and Extreme ISO) and the Web Presenter HD.

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme and Extreme ISO

Blackmagic unveiled the new ATEM Mini Extreme and Extreme ISO live production switchers, which are larger versions of the ATEM Mini. Both of the new 1 M/E switchers have the same features, with a couple of exceptions.

  • 8 inputs
  • 4 ATEM advanced chroma keyers
  • 6 independent DVEs
  • 2 downstream keyers
  • 2 media players
  • 16-way multiview
  • Multiple HDMI aux outputs
  • 2 USB connections
  • RTMP recording via USB-C or Ethernet
  • Supports up to 1080p60
  • Broadcast quality livestream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Team

The ATEM Mini Extreme ISO can record all 8 inputs and the program, for a total of 9 streams(!). The 4 independent chroma keyers allow a virtual set per camera, up to 4 total cameras. A built-in 'media pool' can load up to 20 RGBA graphics for titles, logos, etc., all broadcast quality.

The ATEM Software Control app features a live switcher and controls all features of the hardware. It connects via USB, but Blackmagic says Ethernet can allow multiple users on different computers to control it.

You'll be able to control a camera's iris, shutter speed, focus, etc., plus set up different angles. The new switchers have plenty of advanced features for live broadcast and live streaming without breaking the bank.

Rear view of the ATEM Mini Extreme. Image: Blackmagic Design.

There are multiple applications for the new ATEM Mini Extreme switchers, including live sports, news, announcements (both virtual and in-person), virtual meetings on Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams, live gaming, and much more. 

Once the broadcast is finished on the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, it saves a DaVinci Resolve project file, which can be easily opened in its famous NLE. The project will feature every cut, graphic, dissolve, etc., for further editing or replacing of shots. 

Additionally, there is an 8.6 firmware update for the ATEM lineup which adds support for streaming of a mobile device, automatic data rate switching, and more.

The ATEM Mini Extreme switcher is fairly affordable at $995 USD, given all the new features. The Extreme ISO costs only $1295. There are many more features, so make sure you visit Blackmagic's ATEM Mini Extreme and ISO site to get all the details.

Blackmagic Design Web Presenter HD

The new Web Presenter HD from Blackmagic gives a broadcast quality option to livestream to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, etc., with its 12G-SDI input. It features an H.264 processor and allows for streaming up to 1080p60, while supporting Ultra HD (up to 2160p60), 1080p, and 720p.

Blackmagic Design Web Presenter HD
Blackmagic Design Web Presenter HD. Image: Blackmagic Design.

You connect a 12G-SDI source, such as a camera-to-ATEM switcher with that output, to the Web Presenter HD, which then connects to the Internet to livestream. Applications include a news show, virtual or in-person presentations, sporting events, business meetings, and much more.

You can also connect via USB-C to stream, or use Zoom or Skype, plus it supports the tethering of a 5G or 4G phone for mobile data. The output includes HDMI and SDI up to 1080p60 and supports RTMP.

Blackmagic Design Web Presenter HD
Rear view of the Blackmagic Design Web Presenter HD. Image: Blackmagic Design.

There is also a built-in technical monitor to ensure everything is livestreaming smoothly, including the status of the stream, video input, audio input, video and audio history, trend graphics, and video and audio meters. 

It supports Mac, Windows, and the Chromebook, and priced at only $495, this is an affordable option for livestreamers. Get more information at Blackmagic's Web Presenter HD page.

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