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Aputure unveils INFINIMAT lighting system - with airbags

The new INFINIMAT lighting system ranges from 1x2 to 20x20
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The new INFINIMAT lighting system ranges from 1x2 to 20x20

Aputure’s new INFINIMAT mat lighting system can either be used as a mat, but it’s Aputure’s decision to also make them inflatable that really catches the eye.

Aputure’s new INFINIMATs come in a range of sizes – 1x2, 1x4, 2x4, 4x4, 8x8, and 20x20 — with the company saying that more are planned in the future. They are all RGBWW and are configured with 1x2 or 2x2 pixels. The INFINIMAT control boxes (400w and 1600w) utilize dual dimming control systems. 

All INFINIMATs up to the 8x8 size include a mounting frame or bracket. When used as an inflatable the airbag itself provides a rigid shape so that the light does not sag and can be easily positioned. Standard stands and rigging hardware can be used and there are reinforced grommets and other attachment points for hanging an INFINIMAT from above.

aputure INFINIMAT backs

Inflatable lighting

Why airbags? Aputure says they increase the versatility and performance of the lights over standard LED mats. “The INFINMATs do not have to be used with the included airbags, and in fact they attach quickly with a simple Velcro flap,” it says in a long FAQ. “But the airbags provide unique benefits. The airbags provide structure to the mats, so in certain uses a frame can be eliminated and the INIFINIMAT suspended in position. The added structure also means that the INFINIMATs do not sag in the middle, which can be important as an overhead light and when using light control device grids.

“But perhaps most importantly for many users, the airbags means that the INFINIMATs are fast. On smaller sizes the airbags can be stored mounted to their LED mats. Attach the air pump and the INFINIMAT deploys itself in just a few minutes. Clip on a frame and mount to a stand and the INFINIMAT is ready to shoot. The practical use of the INFINIMAT is faster, easier and more intuitive than other LED mat systems. And of course if a client ever needs to, the airbag can be pulled off and the mat used however they need.”

Modular design

It’s a neat and unusual system. Both the 400w and 1600w Control Boxes can power multiple mats, which can then be adjusted individually or as a matching whole. All of the mats feature 1x2 or 2x2 pixels, each of which is field-replaceable in case of repair. The INFINIMATs can be arranged in various shapes and easily mounted together. The 20x20, for instance, is in fact a single airbag system with four 8x8 mats mounted to it, and other similar configurations are planned for the future.

aputure INFINIMAT 20x20

On smaller units the airbag can be stored attached to the mat and inflated or deflated quickly with the included air pump for fast and easy setup and breakdown. The INFINIMAT airbags provide a rigid shape for the mats, or they can be mounted to their frames and brackets, be draped or suspended.

While details are not yet available, the company claims that the INFINIMATs are higher wattage and brighter than other mats and inflatables of similar sizes. They're robust too too, featuring a heavy-duty durable construction, a modular architecture for a variety of uses and easy repair, and an IP65 weather rating.

aputure INFINIMAT ip rating

Pricing is still TBA while Aputure shows them to the industry and gets feedback for the finishing touches. Shipping is expected in Q2.

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