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Aputure promises simple lighting control with Sidus Ecosystem

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In the realm of lighting control, Aputure has launched its Sidus Ecosystem, featuring Sidus Link Pro and Sidus One to interact with any kind of lighting setup. The system promises to streamline control processes, empowering filmmakers with seamless integration and flexibility.

Sidus Ecosystem

The Sidus Ecosystem gives all Aputure users console-level cue-based actions and the ability to control even non-Aputure lights  through CRMX with the same app. This system is designed for smaller facilities and independent filmmakers who are looking for a latency-free and intuitive control system without the hard learning curve. The Sidus Link Pro and Sidus One are billed as easy to use, allowing creatives to focus on their creative work.

"We designed a new way of lighting that gave creatives full wireless control without the need to read a console programming textbook,” explains Ted Sim, Aputure co-founder and President.

Sidus Link Pro

Built upon the foundation of the popular Sidus Link app, the Sidus Link Pro's new iteration features an intuitive graphical user interface that is easy for anyone to use. With instant controls across multiple lights and zero delay, users can easily achieve lighting adjustments for their needs. What is new is its reach beyond just Aputure lights, allowing users to control a wide range of fixtures, thanks to the compatibility with CRMX-enabled lights.

“It can control all your CRMX lights, and when paired with the portable Sidus One transceiver, it can even control lights without CRMX built in. These are tools to help you get past the technical annoyances of lighting and programming so that you can get back to what actually matters: the art, the storytelling, and your creative vision,” explains Sim.

Sidus One

Sidus One is a portable universal transceiver that connects the lights and control systems by communicating between Bluetooth-enabled lights and CRMX systems. You can connect up to four control universes when linked together and have the flexibility for lighting setups for any scale.

The Sidus Ecosystem isn't just about control but also about possibilities. Alongside the Sidus solutions, at NAB Aputure is also introduceingthe INFINIMAT, a versatile mat lighting system that we covered previously here.

Find out more about Sidus Link Pro and Sidus One here.

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