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Western Digital releases 8TB SanDisk Desk Drive

The new 8TB SanDisk Desk Drive is small enough that you need to look for it...
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The new 8TB SanDisk Desk Drive is small enough that you need to look for it...

Western Digital has expanded its SanDisk portfolio with the new 8TB SanDisk Desk Drive. Featuring the highest capacity yet on an external desktop solid-state drive (SSD), this new set is to revolutionize storage solutions for content creators and business professionals alike.

Content creation is growing and the demand for high-performing and high-capacity storage solutions has never been greater. Western Digital's latest SSD offering is designed to provide content creators with an easy and efficient way to back up and access high-resolution photos, videos, and files quickly and conveniently - all in one location.

“As digital content creation continues to soar, there is an increasing need for high-performing and high-capacity storage solutions to help manage and preserve it. Expanding our SSD portfolio is the first step in offering creators backup solutions that deliver the speed and flexibility they need to unlock their creativity,” says Susan Park, Vice President, Consumer Solutions, Western Digital. “By next year, we expect to double the capacity of the SanDisk Desk Drive from 8TB to 16TB on a single desktop SSD.”

SanDisk_SSD (2)

Key features:

Capacity: Available in both 4TB and 8TB capacities, the SanDisk Desk Drive offers ample space for storing photo and video collections, CAD files, 3D renders, large AI-generated files, music libraries, important documents, and more.

Performance: With read speeds of up to 1000 MB/s, the SanDisk Desk Drive ensures faster content access, even for the heaviest files such as 8K videos, making it up to 4 times faster than a traditional desktop HDD.

Backup: Users can quickly back up photos, videos, and files with SSD speeds using Apple Time Machine or downloadable Acronis True Image for Western Digital backup software for automatic backups.

Design: The compact design of the SanDisk Desk Drive, recognized by the 2024 Red Dot Design Award, maximizes desk space and seamlessly blends into any professional or home setting.

Compatibility: The drive works seamlessly with both Windows and macOS systems out of the box, thanks to exFAT formatting and the included USB Type-C cable.

The 4TB SanDisk Desk Drive is priced at £359.99 / $379.99, while the 8TB variant is priced at £663.99 / $699.99. Both models come backed by a three-year limited warranty.

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