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VEGAS Creative Software introduces VEGAS Stream

Vegas Stream. Image: VEGAS Creative Software
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Vegas Stream. Image: VEGAS Creative Software

VEGAS Creative Software has launched VEGAS Stream, a new tool targeted for businesses and schools working and meeting virtually, along with podcasters with video, content creators, and virtual event production. And of course, VEGAS Stream works very well with VEGAS Pro, VEGAS POST, and Sound Forge.

VEGAS Stream was developed with NewBlue to truly enhance streaming and virtual meeting workflows for a variety of businesses. Content creators will have a soup-to-nuts live stream production workflow perfect for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, and many other streaming platforms. 

In the age of Covid as businesses and schools continue to work and meet online, VEGAS Stream offers tools to makes virtual meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Stream, Skype, etc., more professional.

VEGAS Stream allows live switching from different video sources, picture-in-picture, professional dynamic graphics and live titles, messaging via Microsoft Teams and Skype, NDI support, and much more. 

Following a live stream event, the recorded event - complete with FX, titles, graphics, and more intact - can be opened in VEGAS Pro for additional editing and fine-tuning.  

VEGAS Stream is available now as part of the VEGAS Stream Pro 365 or VEGAS Stream POST 365 subscriptions. Here is how the features and pricing breaks down for both:

  • VEGAS Stream Pro 365 includes VEGAS Stream, VEGAS Pro, and SOUND FORGE Pro. It costs $35.99 per month (USD) or $31.99 with an annual commitment.
  • VEGAS Stream POST 365 includes VEGAS Stream, VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Effects, VEGAS Image, and SOUND FORGE Pro. This tier costs $51.99 per month or $39.99 per month with an annual commitment.

The VEGAS Stream POST 365 option is of great value when you go for the annual commitment. This will get any business or content creator a full suite of professional tools, including post-production, image editing, sound, and live streaming. This will really help to enhance and improve everything from live stream events and virtual meetings.

Learn more at the VEGAS Stream page.

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