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VEGAS Pro 18 and VEGAS POST Suite Released: New Features and Plenty of Enhancements

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VEGAS Creative Software has released VEGAS POST, a GPU-accelerated suite of editing and post-production tools, VFX, motion tracking, and much more. In addition, VEGAS Pro 18 has been released, bringing further enhancements and features to help streamline post-production for editors, filmmakers, and many others.

VEGAS POST and VEGAS Pro New Features


VEGAS POST, developed with a partnership with FXhome, is a complete post-production solution for editors, with editing, color grading, VFX, motion tracking, and much more. The GPU-accelerated software and updates focus not just on new features, but also enhancements to essentially 'get out of the editor's way' while they're working.

VEGAS Pro 18 has plenty of improvements to their core tools, including advanced motion tracking, plug-in support, HDR, AI effects, and much more. SOUND FORGE 14 is included with VEGAS Pro 18, giving editors and filmmakers multi-channel audio editing functionality. The work done in SOUND FORGE automatically appear in VEGAS Pro, which is really cool.

VEGAS Effects presents over 800 effects and filters that can be completely customized to fit any project, including mask shapes, crop/pan and zoom effect, auto stabilizer, WAV format export, text tool GoPro FX reframe, and much more. The motion tracking has been improved, as well, giving editors and VFX artists even more power with effects.


VEGAS Image is a professional-level image editing and compositing app that allows unlimited layers (self-contained), nothing baked in and RAW data is kept intact. If you're looking to stay within VEGAS Post, without having to add in other apps like Photoshop, Vegas Creative Software has you covered. 

Two new features that really impress me are VEGAS Hub and VEGAS Prepare, which will launch in October 2020. VEGAS Hub (and VEGAS Pro Hub Explorer) is cloud-based, centralized storage that makes it easy for you and others to access files for editing, including images, video, etc. I like how you and your team can create customized collections of media, and everything is accessed within VEGAS Pro. You can work online or offline, and everything updates once you're connected to the cloud.

VEGAS Prepare really helps out with organization, and it's amazing. How many of us have old FireWire or RAID drives full of footage going back 20 or 30 years? If you have folders of different footage, it can quickly find all your sunset videos from over the years, for example. Adding tags is easy, and further helps organize and find media you need. I like how it can be structured to really make searching easy.

VEGAS Pro 18.
VEGAS Pro 18.

VEGAS Transfer gets images and videos captured on a mobile device into VEGAS Hub, and will be available for iOS and Android. 


With plenty of new features and loads of enhancements, VEGAS POST and VEGAS Pro 18 will really enhance and streamline an editor's post-production workflow. In particular, VEGAS Hub and Prepare will really help get media organized. Learn more, including all the new and enhanced features, at https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/.

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