13 Sep 2017

iPhone X: the phone for the next 10 years? Featured

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Does the iPhone X represent a paradigm shift in phone design? Does the iPhone X represent a paradigm shift in phone design? Apple


Apple TV supercharges 4K HDR with iTunesFor 4K enthusiasts

Apple pulled off a coup with the news that not only would the new Apple TV support 4K HDR content but pricing would be the same as for HD and any existing HD purchases get a 4K upgrade for free with several major Hollywood studios (Disney are one notable exception.)

Apple also promised support for 4K for streaming apps from third-parties.

Video output is 2160p with Dolby Vision and HDR10, plus HDMI 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet.

Internally, the new chipset is now based on the A10X powerhouse used in this year’s iPad Pros and has 3GB of RAM. To show this off, longtime Sony PlayStation collaborator thatgamecompany unveiled a new Journey-esque game called Sky. Due out soon it had the company’s customary graphical flair and will also, unsurprisingly, be coming to iPhone and iPad as well as Apple TV.

Apple TV 4K will be available to order from September 15, shipping on the 22nd with £179 for the 32GB version (up from £139 from existing HD model) and £199 for 64GB.


The Apple TV makes the move to both 4K and HDR in one go


During its development, iPhone X was called D22 or more evocatively Ferrari. The mainstream iPhone has built a reputation as the BMW of smartphones, expensive but with performance to match. X is something else.

X has a special meaning for Apple fans thanks to OS X of course, but X is also favoured as a naming convention for experimental aircraft. Some Apple innovations such as the original MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina screen have redefined their respective categories, others such as the 2013 MacPro went back to the drawing board. 

One reason to suspect Face ID really is just the start of something much bigger - the underlying technology owes much to PrimeSense which Apple acquired in 2013. PrimeSense had previously been notable for the technology in Kinect - the motion sensing add-on for Xbox that was briefly one of the fastest selling consumer tech items in history. XBox One was originally a showcase for gesture-driven TV and reading that same vision across to Apple in a year or two is worth considering. Anyone with an iPad knows how quickly the screen gets smeared with fingerprints - could gestures be introduced there? What about MacBooks? Maybe iPhone X really is a hint of what’s to come…

iPhone X aside, this was a polished presentation in the new Steve Jobs Theatre which began with a touching tribute to his vision. And there was a lot of impressive work on show, with Apple Watch’s health aspects - such as an updated heart rate monitor app with alerts for irregular rhythms - deserving particular respect. It was also a presentation that throughout leant on short video clips to deliver messaging in fun, impactful sequences. Apple Watch again scored highly here, cross-cutting between a wide variety of users telling their stories in touching and witty fashion. It may have taken a weekend leak to get the spotlight back on Apple, but it was an impressive showing that deserved the attention.

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