13 Sep 2017

iPhone X: the phone for the next 10 years? Featured

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Does the iPhone X represent a paradigm shift in phone design? Does the iPhone X represent a paradigm shift in phone design? Apple


Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch gains independence from iPhone with its own LTE cellular connection via an embedded electronic SIM card and an antenna built into the watch face.

In design terms, the look remains unchanged from the original 2014 design but the LTE model is distinguished by a red crown on the Digital Crown, a design detail that first appeared with the short lived Apple Watch Edition gold model. There’s also some new watch faces, an analogue display being showcased that has dots to represent signal strength.

To show off the potential of cellular, they had a presenter making a phone call from the middle of a lake, however the promotional ad actually focused on the benefits of being able to stream Apple Music via cellular wherever you are. The music app is radically enhanced to support this.


The new Apple Watch 3 features numerous additional capabilities

As the Apple Watch LTE is reliant on an electronic sim, launch countries and partners are limited. In the UK, it’s just EE who perhaps not coincidentally have a promotion now to stream Apple Music without eating into your data allowance. The Apple Watch will share the same phone number as your iPhone and we’ll have to see what the deals will be for combined packages. In the US its $10 extra per month with AT&T.

Aside from cellular, Apple Watch Series 3 features a new dual core processor with 70% higher performance than previous model, plus a new W2 chip for 85% faster WiFi. A barometric altimeter has been added while there’s now a ceramic grey model. In addition, Series 3 gives Siri the ability to talk for the first time rather than responding to your requests on screen only. Battery life stays at 18 hours for all day usage.

Pricing for Series 3 starts at £329/£359 38/42mm with cellular equivalents being £399/£429. The cellular model also benefits from having double the storage of the standard 8GB.

Series 2 is being discontinued immediately, so look out for good deals with resellers, while Series 1 is retained as the entry level in aluminium only.


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