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Sony to master 4K/UHD home entertainment in Dolby Vision

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Dolby / RedShark NewsSony using Dolby Vision mastering process

Support for Dolby Vision grows with the announcement that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will use the Dolby Vision mastering process for high dynamic range 4K/UHD, featuring more vibrant colors/brightness and wider contrast range.

When our Editor-in-Chief, David Shapton, proclaimed high dynamic range video (in particular, the Dolby Vision system) to be "the biggest advance in video for ten years," I knew I had to check out Dolby Vision for myself. While at NAB 2015, I experienced the Dolby Vision demo and became an immediate convert. High dynamic range video, as exhibited by Dolby on a display featuring Dolby Vision technology, is a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. It may seem almost trivial to discuss colors and contrast when the common fixation is resolution. But the experience of seeing images with a variety of colors, brightness and contrast that rivals what we see in the real world makes non-HDR displays appear dim and lifeless by comparison.

Since our first mention of Dolby Vision, the standard has steadily gained support. Dolby proudly touts that its HDR platform has proponents and partners in the industry, including "A-list directors, executives at major studios, and OTT service providers." You can now add Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to that list.

Sony Picture's home entertainment division will employ the Dolby Vision mastering process for upcoming 4K/UHD releases from "a variety of home entertainment distribution partners." It remains to be seen if Sony will be the lone supporter from the studios or if it's a big domino that starts the chain toward wider support. However, it's at least encouraging news for those interested in a richer viewing experience.

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