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Take a look at the powerful new features in Adobe After Effects

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Victoria Nece is Principal Product Manager for After Effects and has a couple of extremely cool demos to show you.

The new demos shot on the IBC showfloor relate to new features in the beta version of the software. And, as she points out at the end, even if you weren't at IBC, you can still download the beta and have a play around with it. We did that with the audio enhance tools in Adobe Premiere Pro, and it’s definitely worthwhile doing.

That’s especially the case here, as the new tools in After Effects are really rather remarkable.

“One of the things right on the screen behind me is you can see we have finally, after many, many years of feature requests, true 3D model imports coming natively to After Effects,” she says. “No plugins needed and deeply integrated into the timeline where you have a 3D model, but you also have images, video, text, and everything else. Everything you can do in After Effects can all happen in one place.”

For our money, though, the automatic rotoscoping she shows later on is even more remarkable: a quick sketched outline of a dancer and it successfully tracks even his hands crossing in front of his face. For anyone who’s ever done the real donkey work of rotoscoping, it’s close to a religious experience. 


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