The ultra low-cost Seiki 4K TV: first in-depth reviews are out

Written by RedShark News Staff

Seiki/RedSharkSeiki 4K: Is it any good?

The Seiki 4K set for under $1300 is in the shops and apparently selling well to early adopters who shrug off the unavailability of 4K material. But is it any good? The first in-depth reviews are out

Even if you only use the Seiki 4k TV as a computer monitor, it does seem like the bargain of the decade in comparison to other vastly more expensive 4K displays from the better-known vendors.

Here's one of the first in-depth reviews from TV specialist site HD Guru. Is it really as good as products five or ten times the price? Can you really perceive the quality difference? Should you spend your money on a high-quality conventional HD set instead? Find out here:

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