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RED is gung ho over 4K

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Red/RedSharkRed is gung-ho for 4K

RED doesn't think that 4K is moving fast enough. They have a vested interest in thinking this. As arguably the first camera company to have 4K cameras on the market, their lead is is being challenged by newcomers from the more established companies

In an effort to outflank the competition and build a viable end-to-end 4K ecosystem first, RED has announced the RED RAY player - a non computer-based hardware player with RED's own codec that is said to be optimised for delivering 4K optimally at low Bitrates.

A few days ago, Jarred Land posted this on RED's form, leaving no doubt about RED's view of the importance of 4K.


I feel like we have posted this 57 times over the last 5 years but now it really is probably time, if you havn't already done so, to start finishing, or at least preparing for finishing, in 4K.

Announcements are being made in shorter and shorter intervals. Here is today's:


Last year we developed the 4K Laser Projector because a year ago the display industry didn't look like it was moving fast enough.

How things change..

At this years CES a few months there were literally dozens of different 4K televisions being shown by pretty much every manufacture that are either on the market now or are on their way.. and TODAY you can buy 4K displays from Amazon.com, EBAY, and Google. Prices are starting to come down from the moon.

You all know about our hardware REDRAY player that delivers incredible quality 4K over the internet at 9Mb/sec, and you will soon understand why we are putting our emphasis not only on Dragon but heavily into the REDRAY player.. why we have taken the time to get it right.. to do what nobody else can.

After being the ONLY non "computer" based 4K player being shown working at this years CES, some surprising groups have shown up on our door and this is becoming less of " the future " and more of " the now" every week that passes.

You can probably guess that in the next 6-12 months there will be alot of 4K distribution triggers being pulled by alot of different companies and I have a feeling when it does turn on its going to move quick.

I want our customers to be at the forefront..

I would love for you guys, our customers, to prosper first. Be ready.

Be ready when that "4k for the masses" switch is flicked and the distributors start calling.

All of you guys that raised your swords alongside us and yelled that 1080p wasn't enough.. Your time is coming.

Take it. You deserve it.


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