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Watch Again! RedShark and Sony's live streaming masterclass from NYC!

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LivestreamLivestream: The future of live video

Sony and RedShark - courtesy of Livestream - were live earlier from New York as Sony's Peter Crithary and our own David Shapton talked about how to plan and produce live TV shows with affordable equipment and services.

Beaming direct from leading streaming service provider Livestream's Brooklyn studios, Sony's US Marketing Manager, Peter Crithary, and RedShark Editor in Chief, David Shapton, were talking now about how to set up a live stream using affordable cameras and techniques.

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Here's the agenda for the discussion:

What's the current state of the art in streaming - and what can we expect in the near future?

How increased bandwidth will lead to near ubiquitous streaming.

New Sony equipment for producing a multi camera livestream.

How to use the new WiFi-enabled HXR-NX5R camera with a small video switcher.

What you need to know when planning a live video stratagy

As streaming becomes the dominant form of video communication, how do you plan, provide and execute an effective strategy for live video streaming?

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