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Making sports graphics easy

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StreamstarGraphics to go, courtesy of Streamstar's SCOREPLUS

Alongside a brace of other products to make sports production, and live streaming in particular, more economic and flexible, Streamstar also introduced new sports graphics software at NAB.

Streamstar SCOREPLUS features a selection of ready-to-use and custom graphic templates alongside an intuitive GUI that lets people pick up and create graphics quickly out of the box.

It runs on a PC notebook with the highest quality output sent over IP to a Streamstar live production system where the overlays are seamlessly applied. The idea is that it enables productions to quickly create score bugs featuring team names and countdown times, team sheets, and a whole lot more, and is designed to give a network-style professional gloss to any sports production.

As broadcasting gets democratised and we see a whole load of new entrants in the field that haven’t necessarily been brought up in the industry, we’re going to see a lot more of this sort of thing.


The interface above for a soccer match above is a case in point. Timer and score can both be easily set and output, player names and cards, goal score flashed, commentator names, ticker tapes, yellow and red cards and more, all these can be fairly easily cued up and added to the stream.

And with a selection of graphics templates supporting the scoring peculiarities of most global sports, allowing the operator to key in innings in baseball, overs in cricket, sets in tennis and more, with more on the way, there’s a definite global feel to the product too.

It’s useful stuff and, at $1995, is by far the cheaper option as opposed to getting it all designed bespoke (though custom templates can, of course, be made to order too).

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