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Sony launches Sony4K YouTube channel for all things Sony and 4K

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Sony / YouTube / RedShark NewsSony4K YouTube Channel

Sony Professional now has a new resource to broadcast Sony 4K news, tips and curated playlists of user videos shot on Sony cameras.

Through the transition from HD to 4K capture and workflows, Sony was one of the principal companies that led the charge. Now that 4K, professionally speaking, has 'arrived', Sony is strutting its stuff on a new YouTube channel that focuses on the company's professional 4K products.

The Sony4K channel has recently launched with a collection of videos produced by Sony, as well as playlists of user videos for popular Sony pro cameras, such as the F55 and FS7. According to channel manager Brett Erlich and Dan Perry (Director of the Digital Motion Picture Center at the Sony lot in Culver City), the channel exists to create a community of Sony owners, users and operators at the 4K standard.

Sony wishes to build its 4K community three ways: 1) how-to and behind-the-scenes videos, showing what the cameras can do and operation in a range of production environments; 2) testimonials of artists that use Sony 4K cameras and other products; 3) curation of user videos shot on Sony 4K cameras into playlists. Sony hopes that this strategy will lead to deeper relationships and engagement with its users, as they share experiences, opinions and feedback about what they like about shooting on Sony 4K cameras and what can be improved upon. A new, Sony-produced video will be uploaded at least once a week and the playlists will be updated daily, along with daily communications with users through video comment areas and in social media.

Of course, the Sony produced videos will be shot on a collection of Sony 4K cameras, including the F55, F65, FS7 and upcoming FS5.

The tone of the Sony4K channel pays homage to the YouTube platform with a degree of irreverence layered over the info. Case in point: an upcoming video will examine the differences between the handle of the FS7 and a handlebar mustache.

Check out the videos below for a taste of what Sony4K has to offer. If you like what you see, visit the channel.

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