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Astonishing performances: Man plus objects plus video

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We revisit one of our favorites, a dandypunk, to see what new creative heights he's reached with his unique blend of animation, projection mapping, and performance.

Last March, we ran a story on experimental performance artist a dandypunk, a Cirque du Solei collaborator who is making a name for himself with his innovative, highly-theatrical works. He melds his illustration, animation, dance, and acting skills with a projection-mapped presentation, interacting with projected animations as they spring to life in pockets of light.

Simply put, projection mapping is the process of projecting video onto irregularly-shaped objects in space. While the typical venue for projection-mapping is usually the exterior of a building, a dandypunk shrinks the physical scale, but expands the creative possibilities in his wonderfully-conceived piece Imagineers in Exile, which is in equal turns dark, ecstatic and fanciful.

We'll check back in with a dandypunk, from time-to-time, to see what new wonders he's creating, as he's clearly on the cutting edge of projection-mapped art.

Check out 'Imagineers in Exile' below. And don't miss two bonus videos from a dandypunk, 'ART/MOVEMENT/TECHNOLOGY' and 'Transcend the Box' on Page Two!


Transcend the Box

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