5 Ways to Create Multiple Programmes from a Single Show

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Don't discard the footage you don't use in your main show. Follow these guidelines and you can create new material from a single programme

By Chris Waddington, NewTek EMEA

If you’re an ambitious, forward thinking video pro, you’ll always be on the look-out for ways to maximise the return you get from creating a great show. Of course, one solution is simply to make more episodes and later on, more series. But the problem with limiting your horizons to this approach is it simply doesn’t realise the full potential of your output.

Better still is to consider is how you can do more – much more – with every individual production you shoot.

Here are five ways you can create multiple programmes from a single show.

    •    Putting your best footage forward

A typical show generates masses of footage, often from multiple cameras. Depending on the director, some gets used but a lot ends up on the digital cutting room floor. Imagine if you could put that footage to better use.

What about using it to offer additional content online in the form of teasers or behind the scenes exclusives? Blooper reels are also very popular and often have the added advantage of going viral. Could you bring material in from other shows to create something entirely new?

Savvy video pros are now realising that simply by capturing and storing the footage they shoot from all their cameras, they can multiply their creative options as to how it can best be used.

    •    The same but different

With a clean feed from your shoot, you can use the same raw footage over and over again to create multiple shows with different visual treatments. Doing this allows you to sell the same content in different markets, attract new sponsors and brand your shows accordingly. The possibilities for new audiences and revenue streams are endless.

    •    Feed your audience

Audiences today can’t get enough of the shows they love. Smart video professionals can give them the additional content they’re craving by using existing footage (or low cost additional material). Consider behind-the-scenes material, red carpet shots, pre- and post-game footage, sneak peaks. No matter what you’re shooting on the day of the show, shoot a bit more and spin off additional content without taking up another day of production. 

    •    Create new content

If you shoot many shows in the same genre – sports, news, entertainment, education – you could expand your offering by packaging your content into new offerings. What about a highlights show or ‘best of…’ programme? This new content can then be used to attract new sales, sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

     •    Put it all to work

Instead of relegating unused footage to your archives, put it to work. Unused footage is a gold mine. Alternate camera angles, outtakes, b-roll and any material which didn’t make it into the final programme are all valuable assets you can tap to create new programming for free. The only limit is your imagination and ingenuity.

Never before has there been a better time or more opportunities to expand your audience and grow new revenue streams. Best of all, it can all be done without expanding your budget.


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