SPONSORED ARTICLE: LG's groundbreaking 21:9 display is designed for video and audio editors

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LGLG 34UM95 21:9 monitor

LG's new 21:9 Ultra Wide display solves the problem of having two monitors side by side, separated by a thick bezel

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If you need more screen space than your 16:9 monitor allows, then you have to put two screens together. CPUs and GPUs are now more than capable of powering this set up, but there's still the problem of the screen bezel that gets in the way of that vital cut.

Now all that's about to change, because we're entering a new era of even wider screens. There's no such thing as too much screen space, and with that in mind, LG has produced a monitor that is ideal for the demands of screen professionals.

LG has credibility in the field of professional monitors and was recently voted winner of the Technial Image Press Association Awards (TIPA) - recognised as one of the most influential photographic and imagine associations in the world with 29 magazine members from 13 countries.

The LG 34UM35 is the world's first 34-inch 21:9  UltraWide monitor with QHD resolution (3440 x1440), and it offers a pin-sharp solution to some of the challenges faced by professional video editors.

Ultra Wide

The release of the 34UM95 IPS UltraWide 21:9 monitor shows that LG understands that Monitor size is not the only issue. The 3440 x1440 resolution means that ample pixels are available across the width and length of the monitor, giving a crisp, highly optimised landscape view, uninterrupted by a bezel, so you'll never lose detail in the region between the two screens again.

What does it all mean?

What does this mean to professional users? For a start, there's a 2.4 times bigger working space. Each time you make an edit, you can see it, or zoom in precisely on the timeline. You get an uninterrupted view of your workflow, and no longer have to work around the issues of having two screens.

Save time importing files at up to 20Gbit/s

There are always bottlenecks in video editing. Rendering is just one example. Importing huge files takes time too.

For new Mac Pro users, there's good news: the LG 34UM95 is designed to work with this new Mac workstation. It comes with two Thunderbolt 2 slots that can connect to Thunderbolt 2 compatible storage.

Colour Space matters

REC709 colour space has been the standard for monitors for a long time, but this standard is outdated now. What''s more important is the more expansive sRGB space, which is fully backwards compatible with  the more limited REC709, the standard for HD.  With the new LG 34UM35, your screen is no longer another layer to have to see through, and it comes with LG's own True Colour Finder software that's designed to sustain Colour accuracy for 24 hours.



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