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Would you buy a 4K 55" TV if it only cost $2,000?

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HiSenseHiSense 4K TV

HiSense shows that 4K TV doesn't have to be stratospherically expensive

Chinese TV manufacturer HiSense has announced a new 55" 4K model for just $2,000

While the "big name" manufacturers seem content to price their 4K sets up where the air is thin, the Chinese competition seem to be able to push these sets out at eye-wateringly low prices.

With a 3840 x2160 resolution and an edge-lit LED that sports a viewing angle of 178 degrees, whatever else these sets are, they're not bad.

As usual, it's difficult to get info on the type of HDMI they offer - we'd assume it's 1.4 as we're not told otherwise, so there won't be any high frame-rates at 4K from this set, but so little content is produced in high frame rates anyway that perhaps this won't be a problem.

Computer monitor

We'd buy one of these to use it as a computer monitor - it's slightly larger that twice the diagonal of a 24" HD monitor.

This isn't the first low-cost 4K TV and it probably won't be the last, but it seems that we're seeing a pattern here of high price, beautifully engineered 4K sets at the top end, not much in the middle (although there are a few sets priced at around $10,000 from Sony and the like) and then the Chinese sets at around $2,000, which really aren't bad and are quite conspicuously good value for money.

What's the betting that we'll see them at half that price by this time next year?

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