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Sony's new HDC-F5500 camera: 4K S35 sensor for sports and entertainment broadcasting

The Sony HDC-F5500 S35 Field System Camera. Image: Sony.
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The Sony HDC-F5500 S35 Field System Camera. Image: Sony.

Sony has announced a new HDC-F5500 field system camera with a Super 35mm sensor and 4K global shutter CMOS sensor.

Sony's latest HDC camera brings creative control over depth of field to live broadcast, with slow-motion capabilities running up to 120fps in 4K with a global shutter.

The camera is aimed at live production, particularly sports. Usually we might question the use of such a large sensor for this purpose, however, combined with the high frame rate, it is possible for directors to gain more creative control over the look of the image at a time when the 'cinematic' aesthetic rules the roost.

Stopping down for deep depth of field is perfectly possible when combined with the camera's 8-step motorised ND filter, which has been inherited from Sony's VENICE. This can be controlled remotely. Full support for BT.2020, S-Gamut/S-Gamut3.cine and HLG is present, ready for HDR broadcast and mastering.

Sony's new HDC-F5500 camera
The HDC-F5500 Field System Camera. Image: Sony.

The F5500 integrates with Sony's IP Live Production system via the HDCU-5000 series. It can also take advantage of the new IP extension adaptor, the HDCE-TX50 for remote production or CCU-less operation. Additionally, a newly developed ARIA system, which stands for Automatic Restoration of Illumination Attenuation; try saying that after a few drinks! This supports select PL and zoom lenses and compensates for picture anomalies when shooting at a distance.

Finally, a new viewfinder slide mechanism is compatible with existing large viewfinders designed to minimise the camera operator's body movements during panning movements and allow the system to be used in tight spaces.

The Sony HDC-F5500 will be available from December 2021. Find out more on the Sony website.

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