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Sony boosts CFexpress Type A memory card capacity

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The upcoming CEA-G320T and CEA-G640T bring toughened 320GB and 650GB options to the CFexpress Type A line-up.

As part of the announcement of the new FX30 camera yesterday, Sony also revealed that it has a couple of new flavours of CFexpress Type A memory cards coming up.

In addition to the already existing 80GB and 160GB cards, larger capacity 320GB and 640GB cards will be added to the series. The CFexpress Type A memory card CEA-G320T will be available in October for approximately £600/€710 (Sony always lists prices including VAT), while the CEA-G640T will be available in December for approximately £1200/€1350.

The cards support high-speed performance with a maximum write speed of up to 700MBps and a VPG400 Video Performance Guarantee, which guarantees sustained writing speeds of up to 400MBps to enable 4K 120p high bitrate video shooting. They have also achieved Sony’s TOUGH specification benchmarks, which means they have been certified to be waterproof, dustproof, (IP57) and robust enough to support stable long-term shooting in various environments.

They’re not completely invulnerable, but it’s always good to know that normal, everyday accidents won’t nix your investment or your data.

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