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Quantum StorNext now available in AWS Marketplace

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Quantum's StorNext file system is now available to users as a subscription offering in AWS Marketplace, hoping to make remote video editing quicker and easier than ever.

The AWS Marketplace is not quite plug and play, but it’s one of the closest things to it the current cloud possesses (at least for AWS deployments), allowing users to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on its platform, so the appearance of Quantum's StorNext file system moon it is fairly important. Indeed, this is Quantum’s first appearance on the public cloud and is going to allow users to deploy StorNext shared storage and lets users connect from any location to edit video in the cloud as a team.

StorNext in AWS Marketplace is available in a choice of subscription periods from monthly to multiple-year contracts and in four configurations, starting at a complete StorNext environment of 12TB capacity and stretching up to 62.5TB. Each deployment can supplement existing StorNext installations in a hybrid model or as a fully cloud-based model.

Each StorNext solution features a complete StorNext shared storage environment and comes with a range of cloud-based features. StorNext file systems deploy in a choice of configurations from 12TB to 62.5TB, with pre-configured, ready-to-use StorNext services to manage and monitor clients, storage volumes, and data movement services such as Quantum FlexSync and FlexTier.

As well as a range of subscription plans to accommodate customer OPEX budgets, usage-based consumption models count toward customer negotiated AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) purchase commitments. It is also available as a private offer from authorized Quantum and AWS Consulting Partners such as Integrated Media Technologies and ThunderCat, offering custom pricing and other services.

Efficient support of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for bulk data storage is included, along with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). It also features optional tiering of data and content from StorNext volumes to Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Glacier, or other AWS storage services.

Lastly, it features easy connection via SMB with no client software installation or configuration required. And optional Quantum Distributed LAN Client (DLC) is available at no additional cost to give a native platform file-system experience on macOS, Windows, and Linux clients. 

Accessing data and collaborating remotely in a way that eliminates the need to copy or transfer files between users is seen as pretty much essential in distributed workflows nowadays, and it is good to see reliable and flexible options proliferating at all levels in the market.

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