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Poor corporate videos. They get a pretty bad rap. They can be uninspiring to shoot and edit, and downright boring to watch. The thing is though, that it doesn’t have to be this way at all. A well made corporate video can be an engaging, creative project to edit and watch.

To make sure your next video is a masterpiece of team motivation and engagement, we’ve pulled together 3 excellent post-production resources. Keep these tools in your back pocket and you’ll be able to turn your corporate video into something spectacular. 

1) Use pro-quality video elements

Adding well-designed, consistently used graphic elements in post can go a long way to giving your video a sleek, professional look. Rather than building your own set, you can save precious time by keeping a stash of high-quality elements at hand.

Video editing resource, RocketStock has released a speciality pack just for corporate projects. Called Synergy, this pack contains 65 unique elements to help give your video a business-themed look. Introduce interview subjects with stylish lower thirds, or use the pre-rendered animated icons to add a customized touch. 

Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut X, and After Effects, all you need to do is drop the graphics into your timeline and add text. Watch the demo below to get inspired!


2) Choose the right soundtrack

Music plays an important role in corporate videos. Because music can engage the brain on a subconscious level, a well-chosen track can go a long way to getting viewers to sit up and take note of your video’s message. 

Music in corporate projects also tends to be played up front over on-screen text and graphics. Because so much prominence is placed on the music, this is one asset you don’t want to skimp on; quality music pays off. 


The team at PremiumBeat has a great collection of royalty free music written specifically for corporate projects. Plus, with one license, you can use a single track in as many projects as you need.  So if you have multiple videos lined up, PremiumBeat is the way to go. Check out their high-quality collection of corporate tracks

3) Incorporate great stock footage

If you missed a particular shot while filming or if you’re building a video using only royalty free clips, you need stock footage that’s dynamic and, above all else, high quality. After all, nothing pulls a viewer out of the experience more than a cheesy, overly-staged corporate clip. 

Using a service like Shutterstock can make a world of difference. They have footage collections dedicated to corporate video. Browse their high-quality collection and find the perfect clip for your project.

Taking the time and effort to produce a dynamic, professional corporate video for your clients comes with numerous benefits. As well as setting yourself up for repeat business, word spreads in the corporate world so it’s an unbeatable opportunity to pick up some referral clients too. So next time, try out these resources and up your corporate video skills.

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