Join Sony for a webinar on shooting cinematically on Wednesday 22nd March

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philipbloom.netJoin Philip Bloom and others in learning how to get that cinematic shot

The latest webinar from Sony will discuss how to shoot cinematically with a range of their leading cameras and guests including Philip Bloom, Philip White, and Forest Finbow.

Discussions will cover shooting on everything from the FS7 II to the original FS7, the FS5 as well as the α7S. This latest webinar hopes to introduce its audience to the techniques involved in getting that cinematic shot.

As such, it will cover the entire process, from planning and working on the brief with your client, to the actual shoot itself, then on to the colour grade and editing. Along the way it will also look at lighting and composition, budgets, why audio is important, and a whole lot more.

This webinar, streamed live from Pinewood, will also reveal the winner of the recent high-profile ‘Just One Minute' documentary film contest. Philip Bloom will explain exactly why he picked the winners, before heading in to a Q&A session where viewers can submit their questions.

Want to know more? Join Sony at 14.00 GMT / 15.00 CET on Wednesday 22nd March. To sign up for the webinar click here.

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