Shooting at night with the Sony a7s

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Miguel Angel LangaNight Lights was shot using the Sony a7s

Whether it’s just because out own predilections lead us down this path, or whether it’s because there’s great kit out there facilitating it, but there’s an increasing amount of stunning night footage appearing out there. And Miguel Angel Langa’s Night Lights is one of the best.

Night Lights really is gorgeous, a beautiful piece of work that makes the most of the a7s’ low light capabilities and then marries them with some stunningly composed visuals. From the long slow shot of the fecund full moon to the sweeping panoramas of the landscapes and skyscrapers in which it is set, it really showcases what you can do with a good camera, a good slider, and a flair for art direction.

The result is comprised of 7000 frames shot over 200 hours, 1500km and 30 nights. And as far as kit is concerned, the a7s was married with a SEL16-35 mm f/4 for the timelapse; Atomos shogun + Sigma 500 + Canon x2 III for video; and a Slider and Swivel.

There’s also a making of at

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