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Codex delivers recording and workflow for Canon EOS C700

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Canon / RedShark NewsCanon C700 recording and workflow solutions by Codex at IBC 2016

Continuing our coverage of Canon's bombshell announcement of the forthcoming C700, Codex has revealed that it's developing solutions for the hotly-anticipated camera.

In case you weren't paying attention to the news cycle last week, you may have missed Canon's preemptive announcement for IBC 2016 of its C700 Cinema EOS camera. In an opinion piece, our intrepid reporter, Ned Soltz, declared that Canon has finally made a "real camera," with 4K recording from a 4.5K sensor, rolling or global shutter, a more practical form factor and pro feature set.

Of course, the C700 will face an uphill climb in a crowded mid-to-high end market. The camera is expected to retail around $28K for EF and $30K for PL mount bodies, which puts it in more direct competition with higher-end RED, Sony, Panasonic and ARRI shooters. However, much of its value against competitor offerings will come down to how well it performs and how efficient and robust its workflows can be. To that latter consideration, Codex, a company that specializes in RAW recording and workflow products for "digital cinematography cameras," has announced its support for the C700 camera.

According to the company, "the combination of Codex with the EOS C700 camera allows for high-speed 4.5K RAW recording at up to 100fps, 4K RAW at up to 120fps, 4K Apple ProRes at up to 60fps, 2K Apple ProRes at up to 240fps." Recording will be handled via the Codex Capture Drive and production-to-post workflow will be handled by the Codex Production Suite.

For those travelling to IBC and that want to check out how well Codex plays with the Canon C700, go to the Canon booth (Hall 12, Stand D60) for camera and workflow exhibits.

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