Simply stunning 8K timelapse of Patagonia

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Martin HeckHave van and camera, will travel...

Take 100,000 stills over the course of six weeks in a 7500km journey from Santiago to Punta Arenas, and this - if you're very talented - is what you end up with.

Martin Heck’s TimeStorm Films has made a bit of a name for itself for some stunning 4K imagery in recent years, but here he ups the ante with an 8K timelapse of one of the wildest, most rugged, and undoubtedly most beautiful parts of the Earth: Patagonia.

So, what amazing piece of kit was this shot with, you ask? A Pentax 645Z. At $7000 it’s hardly consumer level, but for 8K production it's almost indceently cheap.

Even at 1080p and via all sorts of YouTube compression malarkey though, it’s still a four and a half minute long work of beauty.

With thanks to PetaPixel for bringing it to our attention (and don’t forget the Behind the Scenes video below too, which, while only a paltry HD, features some stunning images all of its own).


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