04 Nov 2014

120 FPS 4K RAW in space! Canon C500 and Codex team up for IMAX production

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Codex boldly takes its 4K recording system, paired with a Canon C500, where it has never gone before, for a 12 month tour of duty in orbit around the Earth.

At 7:16am Greenwich Mean Time on September 20th 2014, digital recording and workflow equipment producer Codex Digital entered the space race. At that moment, SpaceX launched CRS-4, a commercial resupply services flight travelling from Cape Canaveral in Florida up to the International Space Station. Along with the usual crew supplies and other cargo, including the ISS-RapidScat (a replacement for NASA's QuikScat weather monitoring system), the space craft was also carrying a Codex 4K Onboard S Recorder system paired with a Canon Cinema EOS C500 camera.

Code 4K Space 2

The setup will be in use for the next 12 months by astronauts aboard the ISS, as they capture a set of pre-determined shots in 4K RAW format at up to 120 frames per second. This will ultimately be edited down for use in an upcoming IMAX movie production with the working title A Perfect Planet.

Naturally, the shooting demands for this project are a little different than those for Hollywood blockbusters the Codex kit is usually used for, such as recent release Need For Speed. Codex therefore spent the last few months working with cinematographer James Neihouse, whose credits include IMAX science films Hubble 3D, Space Station 3D and Mission To Mir, and a team of engineers to ensure the system would be able to withstand everything a journey into space and around the Earth might throw at it...including excessive radiation. Says Neihouse: "Along with its ability to capture all the required frame rates at 4K from the Canon EOS C500, it became clear that Codex is a rock-solid platform and workflow, backed by world-class support. It was the obvious choice for this project."

Assuming nobody lets George Clooney and Sandra Bullock anywhere near the ISS, we should see the pin sharp fruits of Codex's labours in early 2016.

Check out the full press release from Codex Digital on Page Two!

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