10 Mar 2014

Digital Bolex: first firmware update improves performance

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Digital Bolex first firmware update Digital Bolex first firmware update digital Bolex

Find your screwdrivers and start your downloading - Digital Bolex release new firmware updates for the D16

With cameras shipping and films already in production, Digital Bolex released their first firmware updates (v. 1.0.7) for their D16 digital cinema camera.


The update expands the functionality of the crank menus, allowing the user to select viewing color mode or LCD gain.  This gives the operator quicker access to the three color modes available: Color, B&W and their unique RAW (non-debayered).  This is great because the modes each give you different information about your image and having them quickly accessible via the crank wheels is a huge plus.


Temperature guage

Of keen importance, at least to this writer and anyone else who lives and shoots in cold temperatures, is the addition of a temperature gauge and refined fan settings.  A blue thermometer warning will appear if your camera is too cold and red if conditions are too warm and the camera needs to cool down.  To aid in the temperature regulation the camera now has three fan speeds based on the camera’s thermal needs.


Finally, the built in LCD and HDMI output have received an updated dynamic range and color curve.  This improves the interpretation of the 12-bit raw image over the standard 8-bit REC 709 space used for preview displays.


Digital Bolex is looking to begin updating their firmware regularly and encourage camera owners to participate in their firmware suggestion forum to recommend features they’d like to see next.


The firmware and updating software can be downloaded here:


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