21 Jun 2013

Review - Blackmagic Smartscope Duo

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Blackmagic Smartscope Duo review Blackmagic Smartscope Duo review Blackmagic/Redshark


Monitoring of Video and Audio levels is a critical part of any video production and Blackmagic have now combined two 8" monitors with video and audio measurement tools into a small, low cost package

The Blackmagic Smartscope Duo essentially combines two of their previous products into one: the SmartView Duo twin 8" monitors and the Ultrascope Video and Audio measurement tools.

In doing so Blackmagic have created a small, lightweight and easy to operate unit that might justify a place ineveryones toolkit. Whether you are on location, editing or grading this package is intended to give you a set of tools that you need to be sure that you are getting the best out of your material.

Two 8" screens

The Smartscope Duo is a 19" 3 Rackunit panel with two 8" LCD screens. It has SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI inputs with loop-through for each screen, Ethernet in and out for control, a USB connection for control and firmware upgrades, 12-15v power connection and a 9 pin serial port for controlling the tally functions of the screens. There are no controls on the unit itself - all settings are controlled by the SmartView Utility Software either over USB or Ethernet.

Each of the screens can display Video from SD, HD or even 2K resolution or can show Waveform, Vectorscope, RGB Parade, YUV Parade, Histogram or Audio phase and levels. By looping the input from one screen to the other you can see Video and measurements for the same signal.


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