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Animotive adds features and new pricing

An Animotive scene rendered in Unreal
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An Animotive scene rendered in Unreal

Interesting new features, including more cross-platform compatibility and a desktop mode, combine with a new free tier to further enhance Animotive’s realtime immersive animation software.

We’ve written about Animotive before; it’s neat software that uses VR to help users collaborate on CG projects. The platform allows users to import their custom-built characters, props and sets and, when the scene is ready, users can embody their characters and perform, light, shoot, and export in just a few clicks.

It was released around IBC time and now, around NAB time, it gets an upgrade. 

New features include Enhanced Cross-Platform Compatibility. With improved FBX interoperability, Animotive now seamlessly integrates with major platforms like Maya, Blender, Unity, and Unreal, enabling a more efficient workflow. Basically it allows users to record and capture their performances within Animotive and then export the animation data to the platform of their choice.

It also has a new Enhanced Desktop Mode. This update offers animators the flexibility to manage projects and direct performers directly from their desktop, enhancing productivity for those who prefer working without a VR headset.

Perhaps more importantly than that, though, certainly for the key task of establishing a user base for the software, Animotive is also reshaping its pricing tiers to cater to a wider audience:

  • Free Tier: Effective immediately, Animotive is available for non-commercial use at no cost, granting users unrestricted access to all of its features. This tier is perfect for animation enthusiasts, beginners, or anyone keen to explore Animotive's capabilities for their projects.
  • New Indie Tier: With rates starting at $15.99/month, this tier targets small teams and individual creators whose turnover and/or total investment does not exceed $100k in the last 12 months.

"Our goal is to make Animotive accessible to all, from hobbyists to professional studios,” says Phil Morrow, company CEO. “The new features and pricing tiers reflect our commitment to supporting the animation community at every step of their creative journey."

More details at Animotive's official website.


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