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LumaTouch previews major updates to LumaFusion

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Enhanced Keyframing, Speed Ramping with Advanced Bezier Curves and Velocity Graphs are all coming to the next release of LumaFusion.

Back at NAB 2024 — remember that? — LumaFusion was showing a preview of a major new update coming this summer to its LumaFusion professional multitrack editing platform for mobile devices. 

The company says that the development team has invested significant time and resources to create an advanced keyframing and speed ramping experience completely redesigned specifically for mobile touchscreens. Some of the new features and capabilities on their way include:

  • Simple, powerful Bézier curve path editor for videos, images, and effects
  • Intuitive ease controls for the perfect animations: quickly set constant speed, variable speed, and holds between keyframes
  • Velocity and value graphs provide the feedback needed to see exactly how ease controls affect animations
  • Zoom and position in preview workspace for precise focus
  • Move keyframes with press-and-hold and nudge buttons for perfect adjustments
  • New motion presets that take full advantage of all of the enhanced keyframing features
  • Keyframe speed to create perfect speed ramps quickly and easily
  • New freeze frame directly in the speed editor
  • New speed presets to get great results instantly

LumaFusion 5.0 will be available this summer as a free update for existing customers, and with Enhanced Keyframing and Speed Ramping available as one time in-app purchases. Details on pricing will be announced at that time.

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