20 Oct 2018

This is how to make a product marketing video properly

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Soundly Video Soundly Video Soundly

Want to make a marketing video? You could do worse than follow the example of this one. We think it's genius

It's one thing to make a marketing video that's good and really effective. It's quite another to make one that's so great that RedShark features it as a shining example of the art. 

Soundly has made a video that's so effective that we're featuring it here, giving the company free coverage, simply because we like it so much. 

That's all. 

Thanks to Doug Hansel for bringing this to our attention. 

Visit Soundly here, and watch the video below 

David Shapton

David Shapton was the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications from 2012 to 2020. He is now a Managing Partner and Content Architect at Zazil: a UK,  Boston and New York based integrated PR and Content Marketing agency. www.zazilmediagroup.com

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