Audacious Deepfake transforms Lion King

Written by David Shapton

Disney... presumably? Lion King Deepfake

Machine Learning-based video manipulation is now so accessible that we're starting to see some really audacious examples

Deepfake is an easily obtainable software package that learns from examples of images of people and can apply convincing liknesses to random characters in moving video.  And inevitably people are finding more and more uses for the technique. 

It raises all sorts of ethical and legal questions. We're not sure what Disney thinks about the one below, which is another jaw-dropping example of how incredibly powerful and accessible this technique is. 

The video is by YouTube user ontyj

A link to the video is below. If it doesn't work, it might mean that Disney has taken a view already. (Personally I love the look of Disney's new version, even if the critics don't. And yesterday it was revealied that the new Lion King is the biggest-grossing animation ever, even surpassing Frozen.) 


Deepfake demonstration



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