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Sci-fi is enjoying a renaissance in pop culture right now. Not only have Star Wars and Blade Runner made triumphant returns, but there’s plenty of sci-fi content on the small screen as well like Star Trek: Discovery and Counterpart. Shutterstock even named ‘space’ one of 2018’s creative trends to watch.

If you’re putting together a sci-fi project of your own, then you’re going to want to check out these 19 awesome space-themed effects by the team at RocketStock. And best of all? They’re totally free.

Check out the trailer below and then get ready to make some out-of-this-world videos.

Nebula: 19 FREE space backgrounds


RocketStock’s free pack includes 19 space-inspired background elements that you can use to create nebula, galaxy, planet effects, and much more. The collection was captured organically in-studio with practical elements, much like the memorable effects from The Tree of Life and The Fountain.

These effects are super-simple to customize too. Just adjust the Hue/Saturation sliders to create different looks and styles.

Head to RocketStock to download Nebula now.

Tutorials: Get Nebula up and running

Nebula is an incredibly versatile collection that you can use to create multiple sci-fi space effects. And to help you get started, RocketStock have put together a number of handy tutorials.

First up, in this video tutorial, you’ll see how to use the Nebula freebie pack to create a realistic looking planet effect using After Effects. Utilizing multiple layers of atmosphere elements, the end result is pretty astounding.

And here, RocketStock have rounded up multiple Nebula tutorials in one handy blog post. You’ll see how to create incredible animated sci-fi titles in five quick minutes. Then go further by re-creating the complex ‘Shimmer’ from upcoming sci-fi film, Annihilation.

Like always, these step-by-step RocketStock tutorials are incredibly easy to follow. You’ll be adding stunning, cinema-grade VFX to your projects in no time.

Download nebula now to get started.

To spice it all up with some Space footage, check this incredible collection of space-themed stock videos.

Browse and download spaces videos here.

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