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Have you discovered RocketStock yet? If you create video content of any kind, it’s time you checked them out! Their video effects packs are a great way to give your work an instant hit of professional style. And with easy drag-and-drop functionality, they’re a perfect match for content creators of all skill levels too.

They’ve recently launched some seriously impressive asset packs, including mist and fog effects, ink splatters, and much more. Ready to get inspired to create incredible videos? Let’s countdown their latest releases.

Vapor: Smoke and Fog Effects

Give your video an atmospheric look with this gorgeous collection of 143 mist, smoke, and fog effects. Captured in-studio with a cutting-edge RED camera, Vapor is an ideal way to give your footage an elegant, cinematic boost. You’ll be adding mist to a lake, haze to a moody street scene, and much more in no time.

Curious to see more? Head to RocketStock now.

Prism: High-Energy Transitions

If your video needs a burst of energy and color then you’re going to want to take a look at Prism. Based around 9 geometric themes, this collection features 200 bright, vibrant video transitions that’ll give your work a fun, upbeat aesthetic.

Like all RocketStock packs, Prism comes with a video tutorial to walk you through setup, customization and beyond.

Watch the demo to see Prism in action, then head to RocketStock to find out more.

Hisan: Ink Splash Transitions

Your video will make a serious impact with these bold 4K ink splash transitions. Featuring 56 unique effects, Hisan was organically shot with real ink. In order to capture maximum dynamic resolution, each ink splash was filmed using a RED camera. This versatile collection is a great match for any project

Take a look at the demo and then head to RocketStock to find out more.

A World of Incredible Video Assets

Impressed? There are plenty of other RocketStock video effects available too. From a toolkit of elements for creators of online videos to slick elements for corporate projects, RocketStock has a huge range to choose from. Head to RocketStock and take your video to the next level.

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